Welcome and if you are pregnant or have recently given birth then congratulations!

I am a birth & postnatal doula, massage practitioner and a Janet Balaskas’ Active Birth Workshop © and Massage & Rebozo techniques for labour teacher. I am passionate about physically and emotionally supporting women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond...

photo by @ritaplattsphoto 

photo by @ritaplattsphoto 

I live in Islington and as a doula I cover North, East, North West and Central London and have also attended a few home births in South London. I’m happy to go anywhere that’s easy to travel to by bus, tube or bicycle….I run Janet Balaskas Active Birth and Massage & Rebozo for Labour workshops at The Well Garden, Hackney and I teach people in their own homes anywhere in London.

Pregnancy and birth should be one of the most empowering and important times in your life, especially with your first baby as you are beginning your journey into parenthood. Giving birth is one of life’s most momentous rites of passage, one that you will remember for ever. It’s important to feel safe, have your wishes respected and be able to make informed decisions about your maternity care. A positive birth experience where a woman’s wishes have been heard and a calm, supportive environment created for her to birth her baby in is what we all hope for and deserve. Life as new parents can be demanding and exhausting to begin with but an empowering birth can help the bonding process between mothers and babies and aid successful breastfeeding which can lead to calm, confident parenting.

I aim to help women and their birth partners feel safe and confident, to create their families in their own unique way, to trust their instincts and be confident in their choices. I try to boost your health and wellbeing during your pregnancy with massage and shiatsu, give you information about any pregnancy related problems, labour and birth choices, breastfeeding and complementary therapies. This will enable you to make informed decisions about your maternity care and can help you to start your parenting journey with confidence and joy.  I will support you in whatever choices you make because it is your body, your birth, your baby & your choice ! 

Childbirth  “this experience is one of life’s grandest miracles"  Shelia Kitzinger